Our highly experienced practitioners work with kids through to the elderly, keeping  the community of bayside Melbourne's spines healthy.

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Chiropractic Care - St Kilda (Bayside) Melbourne

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At Passion Chiropractic we practice with a holistic philosophy considering different aspects of your life which could be contributing to your health concerns. With a detailed history and examination we will make a decision as to whether chiropractic is for you or whether we need to refer you to another health practitioner for further assessment.

We offer various chiropractic techniques such as SOT, Cranial, Activator, Applied Kinesiology, SD Protocol, and some manual adjustment techniques.

One of our friendly chiropractors can discuss with you whether you prefer gentle or more manual techniques and also what they believe is appropriate for your care.

We stock a range of products to assist you with your health. Metagenics and Bioceuticals supplement range, pillows, foam rollers and more..
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